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We are back... offering free seminars for all Physios face to face!

With over 50 therapists across our 9 clinics, at Six Physio we are lucky enough to have access to a wealth of knowledge. We believe in sharing this knowledge to enable anyone and everyone to expand their skills.

We want you to learn from the experts.

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Upcoming Seminars

Our seminars cover a variety a musculoskeletal physio topics, with more in the pipeline for 2022.

9th Nov 2021 Tuesday

Six Physio Chelsea, 5 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 3TD. Timing: 1800 - 2000

Snow-long ski injuries

The winter warrior to the enthusiastically unfit skier who is more apt at lifting a pint on the slopes than traversing down them.
Tired of seeing the same knee injuries coming through your doors? In this short course we will give you the tools to perform a ski assessment and knowledge to provide ski specific prehab to turn your winter warriors into winter wizzes.

4th Dec 2021 Saturday

Six Physio Monument, 24 Martin Lane, London, EC4R 0DR. Timing 0900 - 1600

Shoulder “impingement”

Exploring subacromial pain. What is the pinch? Delving into current theories, diagnosis terms and treatment approaches. Discussion and interactive practicals.

Taping Videos

To tape or not to tape?

Using a high quality rigid tape you will be able to tape well and get great results for your patients.

Taping explained
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About The Academy

There is no excuse for bad physio, ever. By hosting Free Seminars, Six Physio have been sharing their knowledge enabling you to learn from the experts. Our topics include everything from Achilles tendons to Women’s health, and the whole alphabet in between!

There is as much practical as there is theory, so make sure you arrive ready and raring to learn.