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With over 70 physios across our soon-to-be 12 clinics, at Six Physio we are lucky enough to have access to a wealth of knowledge.

We believe in sharing this knowledge to enable anyone and everyone to learn, by offering FREE seminars to all physiotherapists.

We want you to learn from the experts.

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Upcoming Seminars

In 2019 our seminars cover a variety a musculoskeletal physio topics.

9th Mar 2019 Saturday

Six Physio Moorgate, 4 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7DA

Simplifying Cancer Care Physio by Megan Oster

A physiotherapy introduction in treating patients during and after cancer treatment.

The day will cover:
An overview of common cancers
The common treatment modalities used in cancer care and physiotherapy relevant side effects/implications
Breast Cancer: a brief look into the common surgeries used, the common side effects of treatment and physiotherapy relevant rehabilitation and manual strategies
The role of physical activity in minimising treatment related side effects
Case studies and discussions

13th Apr 2019 Saturday

Six Physio Moorgate, 4 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7DA

You are cordially invited to our tendono-party by Neil Gallagher & Eddie Smith

Been told to give out Alfredson's eccentric protocol for tendonopathies? THINK AGAIN. Come to our party and learn about all things tendon, including latest research, assessment techniques and rehab ideas. It will be an optimal load of fun, let us know if you will be a-tendon.

18th May 2019 Saturday

Six Physio Moorgate, 4 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7DA

Hips Don’t Lie by Georgie Adams & Francesca Ruddick

A deeper look into the pelvis, covering assessment, differential diagnoses, management of pelvic conditions and both internal and external pain drivers in various patient populations.

Taping Videos

To tape or not to tape?

Using a high quality rigid tape you will be able to tape well and get great results for your patients.

Taping explained
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About Physio Academy

There is no excuse for bad physio, ever.

By hosting Free Seminars, Six Physio have been sharing their knowledge enabling you to learn from the experts.

Our topics include everything from Achilles tendons to Women’s health, and the whole alphabet in between! There is as much practical as there is theory, so make sure you arrive ready and raring to learn.